It’s crucial that you pick the correct company because concrete curb building is a long-term commitment that’s difficult to undo once it’s (figuratively) set in stone. Finding concrete curb construction specialists who have practical expertise, high standards for materials and workmanship, and familiarity with regional permit regulations, footing requirements, and frost rules is necessary to achieve this.

Concrete curb construction experts

New Road Concrete has been providing businesses all across the country with high-quality concrete curbs for nearly 22 years. Since then, we have maintained the core values of honesty, high caliber, and considerate customer service while growing our service offerings.

Today, all businesses and the surrounding communities can take advantage of our nationally renowned concrete curb construction services. Whether you require flooring, curbs, walkways, concrete loading dock ramps, or repairs, we have everything you need on-site.

And we assure the following when you choose New Road Concrete:

Making New Road Concrete your first choice for concrete loading dock installation or maintenance also opens up virtually limitless design options. With a variety of stamping, sculpting, stenciling, and scoring techniques, we have what it takes to complete your project, whether you want to boost branding, incorporate your loading dock into your interior design, or just add slip-resistant textures to increase worker safety.

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